Products on Request

We distinguish our products in two categories, the “available in stock” and the “upon request”.

The “available in stock” products are available in our warehouses, while the “upon request” ones are not, so, they must be ordered from our providers which maybe they will produce them specifically for you.

For that reason, a so called “upon request” product, cannot be returned, unless it is proven a fault by our company (such as a mistake in the order, in the billing, in the delivery, a damage caused during transport by our transport means) or in case it is esthetically or manufacturing defective and it is under guarantee.

In the case of a proven fault by our company or defectiveness of an “upon request” product, you have the possibility of returning it within 15 days from the day it was delivered, as for the conditions set on the chapter Returns of our Terms and Conditions.

Our company will undertake the replacement of the damaged or defective “upon request” product, as soon as possible, bearing the return cost of the damaged/defective product and of the delivery of the right replacement as well.

In case the damaged or defective “upon request” product does not return within 15 days from the delivery date, our company has the right not to accept the return and replacement of the product.